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Teeth Grinding / Bruxism Malibu, CA

Millions of parents across the nation have concerns about their children grinding their teeth while sleeping. For most of these parents, they do not need to worry, because most children will eventually grow out of the practice. However, 8% of the adult population grinds their teeth while sleeping, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Most will need some type of intervention in order to stop.

One effective method to stop bruxism is the nightguard. These custom-made dental appliances protect your teeth and help prevent grinding. The nightguard prevents the upper and lower teeth from touching. Nightguards can be made from soft plastic, providing cushioning for the teeth, or they can be made from acrylic.

Some individuals will grind their teeth occasionally when they have episodes of extreme stress. When the stress is relieved or goes away, they stop grinding their teeth. Individuals with chronic bruxism can develop dental problems as a result of the stress produced from bruxism.

Factors Associated with Sleep Bruxism

The root cause of this condition is not specifically known, but there seems to be certain conditions that can cause it to manifest. The most common factor is stress, but fatigue can also play a role. Stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and certain medications can also cause bruxism. Teeth grinding is common among people with sleep conditions such as snoring and sleep apnea.

Bruxism can cause jaw pain due to the extra stress put on the jaw muscles. The practice can also cause damage to the teeth. One of the most common problems is erosion of tooth enamel. Chronic bruxism can wear down the surface of the teeth and make them more susceptible to decay. Severe grinding and clenching can also cause teeth to break, crack or become loose in their sockets.

Treatment for this condition can help eliminate the jaw pain you may be experiencing, and it can prevent damage to your teeth. If you have a problem with bruxism, contact Smiles in Malibu to be fitted for a custom-made nightguard.

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