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Straight Teeth & Braces Malibu, CA

Traditionally, braces were only worn by teens and pre-teens for straightening teeth. Now, more adults and older teens are wearing braces. About a fifth of all orthodontic patients are now adults. Even older adults are opting to have their teeth straightened. Orthodontic treatment can be used to help prevent more serious bite and alignment issues as a child grows older, which is primarily how traditional braces have been used. But also, more people are appreciative of the cosmetic benefits of straightening their teeth.

A straight smile has both aesthetic and oral health benefits. Aesthetically, who does not appreciate a beautiful smile with straight teeth? When your teeth are in optimal position, they are also easier to clean. Crowded, crooked and misaligned teeth can be more vulnerable to plaque buildup and therefore, gum disease and tooth decay.

Options for Straightening Teeth

No longer is there just one way to straighten teeth. Depending on the goal, you may be able to have your teeth straightened in as little as six months with the Six-Month Smiles system of braces. Invisalign® aligners may take a little longer to straighten your teeth, but they also allow you to enjoy all your favorite foods. There are no dietary restrictions, and you can maintain your regular oral hygiene routine.

More severe alignment problems such as correcting bite issues may require traditional braces. Even these types of braces have changed throughout the years, becoming sleeker and more fashion forward.

A thorough examination will help Dr. Perkins identify the most effective orthodontic treatment for your unique situation. If you or your teen are seeking to have a straighter smile, contact Smiles in Malibu, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Perkins for an exam and consultation.

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