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Can I Get Invisalign If I Have Veneers? Malibu, CA


Can I Get Invisalign If I Have Veneers?

Navigating the world of cosmetic dentistry often leads to questions about combining different treatments to achieve the ideal smile. One common query we encounter at our Malibu practice, led by the esteemed Dr. Bob Perkins, revolves around the possibility of undergoing Invisalign treatmentContinue reading

Are You a Candidate for Six Month Smiles?

A beautiful smile is within reach faster than you might think. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment designed to straighten teeth in an average of just six months. This effective solution combines the best aspects of braces with modified treatment plans,Continue reading

3 Ways to Fix Your Front Tooth Gap

Having a gap between your front teeth, also known as a diastema, can be a source of self-consciousness for many. While some may embrace this unique trait, others might seek solutions for a more uniform smile. Dr. Bob Perkins at Smiles in MalibuContinue reading

The Whole Body Dangers of Untreated Sleep Apnea

For many, a trip to the dentist is all about teeth, gums, and perhaps the occasional reminder about flossing. However, your oral health is deeply connected to your overall well-being in ways you might not expect. One of these connections relates to sleepContinue reading

Can a Dentist Get Rid of Your Chronic Headaches?

Have you ever linked chronic headaches to your oral health? While it might sound far-fetched, there’s a significant connection between the two. At Smiles in Malibu, our lead dentist, Bob Perkins DDS, specializes in neuromuscular dentistry—a branch that focuses on harmonizing the relationshipContinue reading

Is Your Ear Pain Coming From Your Jaw?

When we experience ear pain, our immediate assumption is often an ear infection or related ailment. But what if the culprit of your discomfort isn’t rooted in your ear at all? Dr. Bob Perkins of Smiles in Malibu sheds light on a lesser-knownContinue reading

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