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Dental Jaw Disorder & Treatment

Our approach for any orthodontic case is to look at the biggest picture we can see.

Does the patient have any TMJ/TMD issues? Does the patient have chronic headaches? Does the patient breath chronically through the mouth?  Signifying airway obstruction? If so, what kind of airway obstruction do they have and how do we treat it? Does the patient have upper and lower jaws that are properly positioned in the face? Are the jaws too far back (or receded) in the mouth such that the face looks “pushed in” and the teeth aren’t very visible? Are the teeth visible at rest? Are they visible only when smiling? If so, how much? Is the patients profile flattering and functionally positioned as to lower the risk of TMD and sleep apnea? Is the face overclosed or overopen (too long)? And finally, are the teeth straight and is the smile a “full” smile?

We see the “straightening of the teeth” as being like putting the final touches on a house. The foundation and framing and wiring and plumbing have to be done properly in order for the house to be a success.

There are (3) potential phases that any given patient can undergo:

One Phase treatment pertains to a patient who is just having braces to do minor expansion and tooth straightening.

Two Phase treatment refers to placing expansion appliances initially, and then clear braces to finalize the case.

Three Phase treatment refers to expansion, teeth straightening, and then upper and/or lower jaw advancement.

Gummy Smile Treatment

A “gummy” smile is a condition when an inordinate amount of gum tissue shows above the teeth when smiling. Typically this isn’t considered a favorable situation. Typically there have been a limited number of solutions to this problem; both of them are surgical. One of the options involves removing a section of the upper jaw (maxilla) and then screwing the two sections back together. The other involves having a specialist remove bone and gum tissue surgically in order to allow more tooth to be exposed (and less gum).

At Smiles in Malibu, we have a non-invasive way to eliminate a gummy smile. Orthodontically we can intrude the teeth (raise them up in the jaw) in order to treat this condition. This is non-surgical and painless. The intrusion happens gradually over a few months and in all but the most severe cases, a gummy smile can be eliminated.

In addition, with a laser we can often remove a significant amount of gum tissue to alleviate a “gummy” smile. In order to perform this treatment, the gum tissue must be examined to ascertain as to whether there is excess gum tissue covering the tooth.


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Getting the Bite Right

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If you’re interested in experiencing patient-centered dentistry, it’s time you scheduled an appointment with Dr. Bob Perkins. We specialize in enhancing Southern California smiles with exceptional cosmetic dentistry and teeth-straightening options from our convenient Malibu and San Francisco area locations. Contact our Malibu dental office at (310) 844-6589. We look forward to making you smile!

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