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Let’s Talk About TMJ Recovery Malibu, CA
Woma suffering from jaw pain due to TMJ.

If you struggle with TMJ or TMD, you’ve likely suffered with more than most people realize. The variety of symptoms is wide, and many people have been told nothing can be done. However, Dr. Perkins is renowned for his treatment skills, even when other doctors feel defeated.

What is TMJ?

TMJ stands for the Temporomandibular Joint, which is the joint behind your ear that opens and closes the jaw. This ball and socket joint can be out of place, causing the lower jaw to be displaced and leaving the patient with an improper bite, leading to a host of other symptoms. Symptoms include pain, dizziness, a smaller airway, displacement of cheekbones and receding jaw line. In addition, the teeth may be crooked, and even the nose can be affected.

What Changes with TMJ Recovery?

After proper treatment to adjust the TMJ and restore a proper bite, you may be surprised at how things change. First and foremost is the relief from pain. When the TMJ is out of place, the muscles that move the jaw are severely overworked to compensate for the improper bite. Unfortunately, that overuse leads to a lot of pain that never seems to subside until proper treatment.
When the TMJ has been properly aligned, you can expect an end to the facial swelling, headaches, jaw pain and neck and shoulder pain. You can also look forward to no more popping sounds from your jaw, opening your mouth wide and comfortably and easy chewing.

Why Do I Need a TMJ Specialist?

Many doctors who treat TMJ do not have extensive training and solutions to fixing TMJ in a timely and simple manner. Dr. Perkins stands out from the rest for a good reason. He will work until he finds the best solution to your individual case.

If you live in the Los Angeles, Malibu or San Diego area, contact the TMJ specialist, Dr. Perkins, for treatment other TMJ specialists can’t provide. Even when other specialists have told you they cannot help, Dr. Perkins can find treatment for nearly every case of TMJ. Call today for a consultation.

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