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Got Questions About a Procedure? Don’t Be Afraid to Ask! Malibu, CA
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Even the simplest dental procedures can seem intimidating when a patient does not have accurate information. Sometimes misinformation circulates innocently. Other stories get passed along as truth and they can be so outlandish that patients who need a certain treatment avoid it because of the stories they heard.

Root canal therapy (RCT) is a case in point. Many people still believe that RCT is a very painful procedure. The truth is that the procedure provides relief from the pain caused by the infection and dead tissue that created the swelling and inflammation. RCT does not cause pain. The infected tooth is the cause of the pain.

Get the Information You Need

Too often, patients feel they are at the mercy of the doctor or dentist who is treating them. Questions go unanswered because the individual is afraid of asking a “dumb question.” When it comes to your health and understanding the treatments and procedures required to restore good health, there are no dumb questions. You have a right to know what is going to be done to your body and why.

Dr. Bob Perkins and his dental team want patients to be well-informed about recommended procedures and treatments. In fact, ensuring patients are knowledgeable about their oral care is an integral part of his treatment philosophy. Ask all the questions you need to feel comfortable about your treatment or procedure.

Dispelling the Myths and Outdated Information

Dentistry has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. While some things remain the same in essence, many things have changed. Dental equipment and instruments are quieter, faster and more accurate. Materials are stronger and better. Results look more natural and aesthetically pleasing than in years before. And some procedures, such as straightening teeth, have amazing options like Invisalign® aligners that were never even thought of in years gone by.

Digital imaging uses much less radiation than the radiograph machines of the 1900s. Even those old machines in the later decades gave off less radiation than you would get in a day in the sun. New machines expose you to much less than that.

You may have many questions you would like to ask the dentist. Go ahead and ask. In fact, you should inquire about those things that affect your oral and general health. Dr. Perkins and his team invite you to ask for the information you need to feel well-prepared and well-informed about your oral care.

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